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La’Drissa is a champion bodybuilder who shares the secrets of getting a “superbody” at ProFit Studio, located at 3700 S. Indiana Avenue. Now a Master Personal Trainer, pro athlete and motivational speaker, she was inspired to pursue bodybuilding at a young age when she first saw women bodybuilders on TV. But the path to her personal success started in corporate America, which she quickly discovered was not for her. La’Drissa soon left the corporate world to do what she loves—staying fit and sharing the keys to a strong and healthy body with her clients.

Her passion for fitness won her numerous titles such as Physique Pro with the International Federation of Body Builders, including Olympian and Arnold finalist. She provides her clients with more than an exercise routine. La’Drissa is also a clinical esthetician, yoga instructor and a fitness model—and a comic book hero, to boot. ProFit clients can also get advice on proper nutrition as well as the tools and techniques to stay fit even when they can’t make it to her studio.

ProFit is open to anyone who wants to look better, feel better and get stronger. Interested? Register for a class online or stop by the studio to sign up for classes.

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