Guiliano Buckner, an American Council on Fitness Active Trainer certified professional, has been an integral part of the ProFit team since 2017. Driven by the immediate impact on clients’ lives, Guiliano expresses fulfillment in his role, stating, “Knowing that I have the ability to impact someone’s life for the greater good makes it easy to come into work every day.” In his role as an empowerment coach, he advises clients on the importance of discipline, especially when motivation wanes. Guiliano’s disciplined approach and meticulous attention to detail benefits every client who walks through the gym doors.


Shane Sherman, a fitness veteran boasting 19 years of expertise in the industry. Armed with certifications from NASM and ISSA, Shane specializes in multifaceted areas, including strength training, weight loss competition, and rehabilitation. Beyond his technical prowess, Shane’s approach is holistic, ensuring clients experience more than just workouts but a transformative fitness journey. As a dedicated ally, he goes above and beyond to guide individuals towards optimal health and strength. Shane Sherman isn’t just a trainer; he’s a committed partner on your path to a healthier, stronger, and more resilient you.


Tosin, a certified personal trainer and passionate fitness enthusiast, is dedicated to guiding clients in crafting a fitness practice that is not only sustainable but also deeply fulfilling. Whether it’s the serenity of yoga, the intensity of kettlebell training, invigorating full-body cardio, or any workout that resonates with you each day, Tosin recognizes that the key to a vibrant fitness journey lies in embracing variety. In and out of the gym, Tosin believes that variety is indeed the spice of life, contributing to a holistic and dynamic approach to health and wellness.